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The NDFF management team is led by Professor Alwyn Seeds (Director), together with Professor Dimitra Simeonidou (Director of Research), Professor Periklis Petropoulos, Professor Richard Penty and Dr Martyn Fice (Deputy Director).

NDFF Management Team

Prof Alwyn Seeds (UCL), Prof Dimitra Simeonidou (Bristol), Prof Periklis Petropoulos (Southampton), Prof Richard Penty (Cambridge) and Dr Martyn Fice (UCL).

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NDFF Management Board

Responsibility for the management of NDFF rests with the NDFF Management Board.

NDFF Management Board members

Chair: Professor Alwyn Seeds, Director.

Members: Professor Dimitra Simeonidou from Bristol, Director (Research), Professor Richard Penty from University of Cambridge, Professor Periklis Petropoulos from University of Southampton, and Dr David Salmon from Janet.

Additional members may be added from other major dark fibre providers to NDFF, as agreements are concluded. The Board meets bi-monthly, with additional meetings as required and extensive use of teleconference technologies. The Board determines resource allocation policy, monitors and directs technical progress and develops and updates the NDFF risk register. Board Members have line management responsibility for management of NDFF staff at their respective sites in delivering NDFF services to users in accordance with Board decisions.

NDFF External Advisory Board

The NDFF Management Board is advised by an External Advisory Board comprising members from the user community and leading international researchers in the communications and dark fibre research field.

NDFF External Advisory Board members

Chair: Andrew Lord (BT)

Members: James Dynes (Toshiba Research), Piet Demeester (IDLab, Ghent University), Jaafar Elmirghani (Leeds University), Maria Ionescu (Nokia Bell Labs), Inder Monga (ESnet), Maryam Crabbe-Mann (UKRI-EPSRC)

The External Advisory Board meets twice a year - including the Annual User Meeting - to review progress, plans and the Impact agenda, to advise on technical and management matters, for knowledge transfer  and to advise the Board on resource allocation and priorities in meeting user requests. The External Advisory Board also make the final decision on appeals from users not satisfied with the priorities set by the Management Board.

NDFF University site representatives

Bristol: Dr Reza Nejabati, E:

Cambridge: Dr Adrian Wonfor, E: T: 01223 748355

Southampton: Prof Periklis Petropoulos, E: T: 023 8059 2014

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