NDFF attends the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023

NDFF exhibits at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023 on 2nd Nov, to showcase its support for Quantum Communications Hub/hybrid QKD/Quantum alarm, providing dark fibre testbed linking Cambridge and Bristol.

On 2nd Nov 2023, NDFF participated UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023 as exhibitor at London Business Centre. The showcase presented the latest in ground-breaking applications of the technology which will potentially revolutionise many aspects of life in the UK. The event was organised by National Quantum Technologies Programme, which was established in 2014 and backed by £1 billion of government funding.

At the showcase, researchers from the University of Bristol presented and highlighted the importance of NDFF in the UK Quantum Network (UKQN), especially emphasising on how the UK’s quantum national link between Cambridge and Bristol was supported by the NDFF fibre links. More than 35 visitors from universities/industrial/governments discussed with us about NDFF geographical plan and services we can provide. By showing us at the Showcase, it is a great opportunity to promote NDFF and get more people/users know and work with us.

Published: 10 November 2023